American Horror Story? No, it’s the short movie from Michelin-starred DiverXo. Genius


“The next time you hear my voice you will be on the floor, scooping up bits of your brain  […] And in the in the end, when this will be almost over, you will beg me to stop. And believe me: I won’t […] There is only one way that you can stop me: kill me!”. It could be the message from Hannibal Lecter/Hopkins to his target Starling/Foster.

Diverxo restaurant menu
Main webpage of Diverxo restaurant

On the contrary, these words are the opening and closing lines of a short movie the “adventurous” 3-starred Michelin Restaurant DiverXo, in Madrid (Spain).

A blurry image of a man in the darkness. A creepy voice in the background. A distressing melody of violins. A dungeon, a big room with a large table in the middle. Then a kitchen, a chef (with a suspicious look) and his crew. An axe, a paintbrush. Red paint. Eventually…a dish of stunningly looking food. Then the scene continues: six odd-looking guests are sitting around the table: waiting for something, waiting for their meal. The food arrives and they seem quite suspicious at the beginning, meticulously investigating the food before tasting it. But after the first bite…KABOOM! IT’s a blast. And the meal gradually evolves in a crescendo into a disturbing chaos where the senses of each guest are driven ecstatically insane by the flavors of the dishes.

Diverxo restaurant
Diverxo restaurant (photo

DiverXo has released this intriguing movie to promote the re-opening of the Restaurant. It has in fact recently moved to a new, larger location inside the NH Collection Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid, Spain. The Chef David Muñoz said he wanted “a huge space to make everything we want to make.” Unfortunately Michelin guidelines state that a restaurant would lose its stars if it relocates. So this is a sort of new beginning for this extraordinary famous Venue.

The dining experience at DiverXo seems to be unanimously described as extraordinary. The World’s 50 Best writes about DiverXo: “With food served on ‘canvasses’, and sauces painted on to dishes, the phrase ‘works of art’ certainly comes to mind when describing Spanish fusion restaurant DiverXo.” And certainly the movie, in his bizarre creepiness, is a piece of art itself.

Diverxo restaurant
Diverxo restaurant (photo

Despite the uninviting setting and disturbing atmosphere of that dungeon, after watching this short video all I can think about is how a bite of those amazingly arranged shrimps, in one of the first scenes, tastes. Madrid, you were not on my list of next destinations but, after this video, I will do my best to find a date to squeeze in a visit soon!



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