Dead-man Head Cake – Tutorial

This gory cake decoration is a perfect idea to scary your guests with a delicious dessert. This tutorial will help you creating this cake decoration. Ideal for an Halloween Party or as a birthday cake for a creepy friend!

This week I was experimenting on other gruesome decorations. Last week I loved creating the Zombie Heat Cake (click here for the TUTORIAL for ZOMBIE HEAD CAKE) with my friends Astrid and Tom and this time I wanted to create something similar but original.

Zombie cake (7) Check our other recipe to create a scary zombie head cake. It is quite easy and so much fun to decorate!


I thought a head was still a simple shape to obtain from a cake. And what is creepier than a pale,  man head chopped off the rest of the body? If it was not gory enough, I pulled out an eye and added some scars. The result is gross, and I loved it! Halloween corpse blood cakeWould you like to make it yourself? It’s not that hard and you can personalise it as you like with any gory detail you can think of.
I started baking 3 red velvet cakes. Halloween red velvet cakeYou can use any cake you like though. I used some buttercream to glue the bottom one to the tray and then added raspberry jam and dark chocolate between every cake. I also added some plastic sticks to make the cake more stable.
SHAPE the cake to roughly resemble a face. I chopped off the sides, where the ears will be placed, and a bit of the forehead and chin. I carved the eye bulbs with a  spoon. Then I added some of the trimmings to create the nose and the cheeks. I used a metal wire for food to fix these additions to the main cake, but you can use any plastic stick or even a long toothpick. Halloween (9)COVER the cake in buttercream, to make the surface sticky for the icing sheet.Corpse cake gory (1)ROLL a sheet of white icing and place it on the head. Use the fingers to make the sheet adhere to the cake. Before placing the white icing though, I placed some black icing in the eye bulbs to add depth to the eyes afterwards. This is a detail you can skip, depending on the way you want to decorate the eyes.Halloween cake EYES as an essential detail to make this cake look more realistic. I made one eye with white icing but left the other eye bulb empty, using afterward some black icing to fill it as if the eye orbit was missing cause was pulled out. A cake decoration for halloween (2) MOUTH. I used pink and white icing to create the mouth and lips. I then added two strings of white icing on the side of the mouth. Then I used a knife to cut them in the middle, following the direction of the mouth. I wanted to create the effect of a mouth that was larger as someone cut the cheeks with a blade. This poor guy must have been tortured by a sadist monster! A cake decoration for halloween (1)The large mouth looks a bit like The Joker from Batman, and it looks definitely scarier than before.
EARS: I added one ear with white icing in one side of the head. I wanted the other ear to be chopped off so I used some ice to shape some cut and trimmed protuberances resembling the base of the ear; use a knife to create cuts, scars and indentations to make it look more realistically cut off.
NECK. Around the neck, pay attention to irregularly cut the icing, so it will look like the flesh of the neck has been cut off.
DETAILS. I added a piece of brain with pink icing as if part of the skull was exposed. Then I used some white icing to ass cut flesh around the brain. Two bullet holes on the side of the head added some gory details. Add any detail you like, just follow your instinct and that naughty sick side of you that is suggesting “make another hole somewhere”.
The head is ready to be coloured. You will see how the colouring is what adds realism to the cake.
DUST. Edible colour dust is easy to find and is the first step of colouring your cake. Use dark dust (black or brown) for the areas in the shade or for the pits, like inside the nose, the ears, the mouth and inside scars. Use then red dust afterwards where you want to add blood. A brain cake decoration for halloween (3)
PAINT. I used colour dust diluted with edible alcohol (or you can use vodka or gin) to obtain my paints. Black for the cavities, holes and deep areas. Red with a drop of blue is perfect for clotted, dried blood. Red alone is ideal for fresh blood. I made sure there was clotted blood inside and along scars and cut. Halloween scary cake tutorial
SPONGE: use a small, irregular sponge with red (and a bit of blue) paint to add random, irregular blood stains. A chopped head can not be too clean, can it? Halloween make up cake
GEL: Piping edible gel can be used to add blood that has a texture and it’s not just painted on the face. I tried to use normal gelatine with red (and a drop of blue) colour, though it tends to melt after a bit and eaters the cake. Piping gel gives much better results. Cake decoration gory blood head
I even sprayed the surfaces with blood and the eye with an edible shine spray. This will keep these areas shiny even when the paint is dry. Zombie cake (2)This though is not really necessary. It just adds that extra bit of realism. Halloween cake decoration (1)
And your cake is ready to scare your guests and let the Halloween mood pervade your awesome party! Zombie cake (2)

Halloween cake brain

More cake decoration ideas for Halloween? Check this tutorial for a gory BRAIN CAKE!

Halloween eye cheesecake cake scary gruesomeOr this other tutorial for a gruesome EYE CHEESECAKE.

And if you are brave enough, you may even want a slice! 

Halloween monster cake

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