Passion fruit, honey and rum shot: the “LiveLikeTom shot” from Curaçao

Rhum, passion fruit and honey. an original and refreshing shot to spice up a summer barbecue and to add that exotic touch. It’s not a coincidence that I’ve learned about it from in the beautiful tropical island of Curaçao from locals at the floating market, where you can find the most succulent tropical fruit.

When I travel in some exotic country, one of the things I like doing is to explore the shops and street-markets and get to taste the flavours of the local food and drinks. During my last trip in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Curaçao we were walking along the Dutch-looking streets of Willemstad, the main town of the island, searching for the floating market.  unnamedThe floating market is a street along a canal in the Punda neighborhood of Willemstad, where locals have their boats and from where they sell local fruit and vegetable. The market is a festival of colours and scents, where waves of the sweet fragrance of ripe avocado and bananas combine with the tangy smell of the sea. Floating Market CuracaoWe approached some boats and then picked one where the fruit looked really good and juicy. After buying mangos and melons, the vendor insisted for us to try the passion fruits.

Passion fruit is one of my favourite fruit as it is sweet and zingy at the same time, and the smell of the pulp is so delicate and unique that I can hardly resist. Curacao fruitAs we were a bit hesitant, he quickly cut a large passion fruit in two halves, added to each half a teaspoon of honey and then filled the fruit-cup with rum. We had a sip and…heaven! What a perfect combination! The rum enhances the taste of the passion fruit and the honey both adds creaminess and sweetness to contrast the strong flavour of the rum. And that easily convinced us to buy a handful of passion fruits.Rum passion fruit honey Once back at the hotel we spoke to people at the Floris Suite Hotel where we were staying, and no one of them have heard before about this shot. The Managers of Floris Suite loved the idea of this combination, so they promised they would have added this one to their already long list of cocktails, and dedicate the name to us. As I was travelling with Tom, from the Blog, they suggested to call it “LiveLikeTom Shot”. Passion Fruit and rum shot The very next week I had friends over at my place for lunch and I decide to prepare them at the end of the meal, after the desser. It was such a success! Everyone asked for more and we ended up almost finishing a whole bottle of rum. And since that day, I keep preparing them for all my guests when they come for a dinner party. It’s easy, original, delicious and you can’t stop drinking it! Give it a try during your next party and let me know what do you think!Passion Fruit and rum shot

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Passion fruit, honey and rum cocktail
Prep time
Total time
A simple, original and delicious cocktail to impress your guests or to enjoy alone for a taste of paradise
Recipe type: Drinks
  • 4 large passion fruits (to prepare 8 shots)
  • 4-6 teaspoons of liquid honey
  • 8 generous shots of dark rum (250ml)
  1. Cut the passion fruit in halves.
  2. Use a spoon to take out the pulp and collect it in a bowl
  3. Place the emptied fruit halves as if they were glasses. Fill them back with a teaspoon of passion fruit pulp, half teaspoon of liquid honey and then fill up the cup with rhum
  4. Mix delicately with a spoon
  5. Drink it in one go and then start preparing the next one!
If you have some pulp left after you have prepared all the shots (it can happen when the fruits are particularly full in some seasons), you can re-use the fruit-cups and prepare more shots until you run out of pulp.

If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean and want to spend some time away from noisy beaches and loud kids, I would suggest you to consider the “adult only” Hotels on the Island (no kids, so….peaceful and relaxing!) and check these food tips to explore the local delicacies of this paradise place.


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