The Yin and Yang of food


Blueberries and organic yogurt

Good and evil, yin and yang, black and white. Just few of the several examples of dualism that philosophers and scientists have been writing on. However, as far as I am concerned, no one really has written much about food dualism. Are you a “foodie” or a …. ehm… Exactly! There is not even a word to describe the opposite of it.

When lunch time is approaching, do you usually start thinking about what you could be eating in few minutes, carefully picturing in your mind the list of products the shop across your office sell?  Or you can’t care less about what will be on your plate, as, at the end of the day, food is just a need and only a necessity to survive?

So many people eat the same, identical packet of crisps every single day. The same type of sandwich. Every single day. Drinking the same drink, eating the same cereal bar as dessert. Every single day. And it’s fine for them. “Why should I eat something else?” – they say.

I belong, no doubt, to the other category. As I mentioned before, they call us “foodies”. Though, if your first language is not english, you may not be familiar with this word. So let me give you an example:

A good friend of mine went to an authentic southern italian wedding (you know, one of those weddings where you start eating the fist starter at 11am and the wedding cakes arrives at 11pm with few dozens of dishes in between). The first half of dishes was meat, the second half was fish. And trust me, there were A LOT of dishes. So many flavors to try, so many delicacies to enjoy that… halfway through the lunch, she was really stuffed. But her desire to eat the rest of the banquet and to enjoy the succulent mediterranean fish was so irresistible that… she went to the toilet, threw up and five minutes later…”let’s start again!”.

That’s what I would call a “foodie”! Ok, I admit it’s a bit gross and the concept may still be not clear. Let’s try with another example:

My office is just next to a supermarket, and every day, around 12.30, I start thinking: what can I prepare today? Few ideas in mind, but then I always make the final decision at the counter or in front of the food shelves. It’s like seeing someone you like while walking on the street: you have a glance first, but then you just keep walking. You check few more items but THAT product you just saw is still in your mind. You can’t forget it. So after few isles you go back and look again. You take that product from the shelf, check how it looks, the breakdown of carbohydrates, fat and proteins (as if it matters in taking the final decision!) and then you think: “yes, that’s it”! And you smile and walk back to the office with your simple but satisfying treasure. THIS, dear readers, is a “foodie”.

Umbrian fresh truffles on organic scrambled eggs and toasted wholemeal bread

For “foodies” like me, food is not an obsession. Food is not just “our thing”. For us, food is that only thing that you can taste, smell, touch, lick, look at, combine, arrange nicely, talk about, write about, dream of. In one work: enjoy! And no matter how bad the day has been, or how good, how sunny or rainy, a meal is a moment to enjoy and feel good about.

Ah food… I so often talk about it. I spend so much time preparing it and enjoying it. My passion and enthusiasm for it is the main reason I decided to start this blog. I will share with you restaurants I will try, recipes I will find and personalize, coffee shops where I will eat (AT LEAST) one slice of cake. Any other discoveries I will make in the “gourmet” field.

Follow me in this, which is just the beginning of a long food journey….



Hallo! I’m Alessio: an Italian geek with the passion for food and travel. I’m originally from Umbria Region - the Green hearth of Italy - and currently live in London. I’m often on a plane, travelling somewhere either for work or holidays. This is my little corner of the world where I share my tasty recipes, tips on how to cook, restaurants to try and places to visit, including my beautiful Umbria.

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